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Welcome to my Online Personal Coaching class! Morolayo Anne Owoputi As married couples, it gets exciting initially going into marriage as each party goes in with high hopes and expectations that everything would work out just fine as planned or fantasized until reality sets in. We then realize that sometimes what we meet in marriage could be different from what we bargained for. These realities would usually stem from the demands of day-to-day living, behaviors exhibited by the parties in the union or even from how each responds to issues when it arises do go a long way to determine if the marriage will last or may end abruptly if nothing is done about it. Getting timely interventions, the needed updated knowledge, experience and exposure to handle these issues whenever they could help avert marital failures and foster bliss. As beautiful as marriage union is, it can turn ugly in a split of seconds, days, weeks or even in a few years into it as inconsiderate behaviors from the partners, infidelity, addiction, in-laws interferences, lack of needed resources for survival, and so on could limit the happiness and fulfilment derived from the union. That is why at Marriage Clinic, we provide you with all the relevant and updated information you need to navigate the gray areas and smoothen out the rough edges in your marital relationship. Your marriage too can become a success if you have the right interventions, knowledge, experience and exposure. This is what this One-on-One mentorship program will give to you.

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