One-on-One Relationship Mentorship

One-on-One Relationship Mentorship
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Welcome to my Online personal Coaching class! Morolayo Anne Owoputi As singles, do you know the quality of life you would live in the nearest future is largely dependent on who you marry? Sometimes knowing who to marry and settle for may not be the big issue as knowing who will be good enough for you to marry and will stick with you till old age. When deciding on who to marry, a lot of critical factors need to be put into consideration before taking a final decision because that one decision will go a long way to determine how your life will be in the next 20 to 40 years of your existence or more. Factors such as your type of personality, your values and beliefs, your life’s goals and aspirations, your future plans, your background and upbringing, your academic qualification and achievements, and so on, all come to play in determining who is good enough for you as a life partner. Some singles are living in regrets today because they thought love alone is enough to decide on a choice of life partner until they went into the marriage and discovered that love alone is never enough to make marriage a success. Love is just the foundation and we all know that the foundation of a house is useless to live in if you don’t put any edifice on it. So also is love that doesn’t have the necessary materials or resources to build on it, the love will soon die or fly out of the window when the realities of life sets in. So you don’t want to wait until you get into the marriage before discovering that this person is just not good for you. It’s better to get it right now than you experimenting with your life and marital destiny. You don’t want to go about living in regrets and looking for an escape route from a toxic and bad marriage. All the pains and nightmares of you ending up in love with the wrong person can be avoided now if you’re asking the right questions and objectively assess this person you are considering for a life time journey. At Marriage Clinic, we will open your eyes to what you’re not seeing in case you’re blinded with love and not doing your homework or background checks well. We will help you objectively assess the situation and call out those red flags you’re not seeing and assess if they are things you have the energy and tenacity to live with throughout your lifetime perhaps they do not change. We also offer you premarital counseling. These and many more you will learn in this mentorship program and at the end you will know who is good enough for you as life partner and how to build a solid foundation for a successful and lasting marriage.

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