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Sex Issues in Marriage

Sex Issues in Marriage
Written by Mclin
Sex Issues in Marriage  Sex and intimacy is one of the major issues couples experience in Marriage. We get a lot of cases and complaints on this subject matter as some even complain about being Sex starved despite having a life partner under same roof. They complain about the Sex life being too boring, poor and uninteresting and this is affecting their emotional balance including psychologically and health wise. Some resort to seeking alternatives outside of their marriage to satisfy their Sexual urges thereby giving rise to extramarital affairs and spoiling further a beautiful thing. Meanwhile having a great and fulfilling Sexual intimacy experience in marriage is achievable if only you’re working in knowledge such as understanding that;
  • You need knowledge to be intimate with your Spouse. You must know when to touch and where to touch
  • Wanting to have Sex alone without striving for intimacy with your partner is greed and selfish
  • Sex does not start with foreplay but from the things you both did and said to each other earlier in the day before the act.
  • The pathway to the truest Sex Life is to explore each other’s body
  • Understand that you are not having Sex with a doll but a human with emotions
  • Real intimacy should not be rushed, you go slowly and gentle
  • Sex is about what you do before the acts to sustain the hearts connection
  • It’s your responsibility to find out where the hot spots of your partner are that gives them the most pleasure when fondled
  • Frequent body contact is one of the foundation of a romantic Sex Life
  • The happier your Spouse is with you, the better for you in bed because it will show during the act if they aren’t happy in the marriage.
  • Not all Spouse will have the courage to tell you that you’re not pleasing them in bed so you must learn to observe and be sensitive to your partner’s emotions after the act, to avoid emotions of resentment and dejection.
These and many more are what you would learn at the Marriage Clinic Mentorship program and you will begin to enjoy a great Sex Life with your partner.


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