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In-Laws interferences in Marriage

Written by Mclin
In-law interferences is another critical factor for marriage failure in most part of the world. Some marriages are heavily characterized by in-laws’ influence and presence. This usually happens when both husband and wife have not set rules or boundaries in their home or marriage on how to handle third party interferences especially that may be coming from in-laws who are known to be nosy and domineering. How do you handle mother-inlaw, father in-law, sister and brother in-law that are controlling and fails to realized that you’re now married and also responsible to your new family unit. It’s usually hard for some of these in-laws to get this message and how you as the man or the woman responds to these external interferences from in-laws will go a long way to determine if your marriage would survive in the long run or may hit the rock soon if the issues are not properly managed. At Marriage Clinic, from our work and experience, we noticed that almost 50% of couples who finds it hard to reconcile with each other after a heated fight are those that have allowed heavy in-laws interferences so they are aggrieved about not only what their spouse did but also by what his or her mother did, said, or didn’t say. Things have been badly messed up and forgiveness seems an impossible mission for both parties. But why allow your marriage to get to this brink of collapse before realizing that you ought to have set clear boundaries in your home and protect your home against heavy in-law interferences. These and many more are what we teach to couple’s at Marriage Clinic and show you how to guide against a reoccurrence in-law’s drama in your home or even prevent such from happening in the first instance. We will show you how best to work with both interests such that each interest would be respected and accommodated where necessary. We believe that we are not to throw our parents and sibling away because we are now married and at the same time we are not to give away our home and spouse because we want to please in-laws. You must know how to balance both interest and that we will teach you how to do it successfully in your marriage.


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