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Money Matters in Marriage

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Money is one of the vital engines that successful marriages run on. This is because from the first day of Marriage, there will be daily needs to be met and bills to be paid. Recurring expenses such as feeding, accommodation, gas bill, electricity bill, water bill, School fees, and so on are all already running and these needs must be met if the home must be stable and every member of the family would survive. Provision for food must be available, shelter, health care, clothing, and other basic necessities for human survival should not be far fetched. The absence of these necessities in any home could lead to frequent fights, arguments, misunderstanding, resentments and a feeling of suffering and hardship between the couple. Obviously, it will be difficult to make happiness happen in a home where there’s lack and deprivation. That is why at Marriage Clinic, we encourage both couple to plan for their Financial life early and work together towards Financial independence because relying on one party’s income alone for survival of the home may be burdensome depending on the economic circumstances of where your home resides. Sadly, some women have walked out of their marriage based on non-provision of basic necessities by the man probably because he is not working and not making any concrete effort to work or he has lost his job. On the other hand, I have also seen some men abandoned their Wife because the Financial burden is too much for them to carry alone as the Woman is said to be non-productive financially and economically. When these are the case, the marriage union would usually struggle and eventually might hit the rock if not properly managed. To learn more as couples how to run your home effectively on a slim or economic budget, and how you both can attain Financial independence and also establish the needed income for home running expenses then you can talk to us today at Marriage Clinic, we will be glad to walk you through the process of creating a Stable Financial Support for your Family and thereby enjoy Peace and bliss in your home and marriage.


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